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Real Innovation

3 Axes CNC Syncro Press Brakes​​

Value oriented press brakes  with large strokes, daylights, and gaps to allow cost effective production of simple to complex large shaped that require large dimensions for handling and removal.  A simple to use control reduces the required operator level. ​

  • Combination of Performance, Value and Simplicity
  • Best performance/price ratio CNC press brake of the world
  • Easy to use CNC controller 
  • Specially designed control unit and software serve you simplicity and lean operations even for inexperienced operators.
  • Perfect bending results , easy input the angle and operate the machine
  • Introduction to Durma Press Brakes 
  • Robust construction,Same solid foundation of all Durma Press Brakes 
  • Working with AD-R’s all range easy and comfortable in all respects.Large daylight opening and large space enables the machine to be put to optimum use along its entire working length. 
  • Designed and manufactured to meet the challange of “ Cost down” manufacturing culture
  • Provides standardly 3 axis Y1 Y2 X and R manually adjustable.