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Köşe Kesme
VN - FN Series
Corner Notchers with variable and fixed angle
Corner Notchers have a heavy and rigit construction with a solid machined table and durable blades.
CK Series
Manual Folders
Economic solution for thin sheet bending.
KGM Series
Manual Shears
Economic solution for thin sheet or other material cutting.
BM Series
Border Machines
Flexible bordering motorised or manual.

Durma Corner Notchers have a rigit construction with a solid machined table. T-Slots have been machined in the table for fast and accurate positioning of gauge stops and protractor guides. The operator can adjust the angle of notch from 30 to 140 degrees easily and quickly via hand viels wheels located on each side of the machine. 

The automatic blade adjustment feature assures high quality cuts on varied thickness and types of material.There are three upper and four lower hydraulics cylinders that create a rigid structure for accurate for and repeatable notching.The measuring scales have been positioned below the work service to prevent wearing of dimensional readouts over time. Standard equipments for VN – FN Series
Hand Wheel adjustment of notch angle from 30-140 degrees (VN)
Hand and foot control
Slug chute
Two protractor gauges
T-slotted table with recessed measuring scales
Automatic setting of blade clearence
Blade suitable for cutting mild or stainless steel
Adjustable back stop fors ide shearing
Material hold downs